If I Had a Name Like Annie

By Dilveen Atrooshi

I would glide across the lavender fields of France,
Running until the bottoms of my feet were stained the colour of romance.
Breathing in the fragrances with a glance.
While finding my spirit in the dead of night,
I would dream of dancing in the moonlight while welcoming the stars alight.
If my name were Annie just for a night,
I would live a life of no worries,
Where time passed by like the speed of light,
Eternal in its own right.
I would let down my hair and run free,
Foregoing the burden of insecurities,
And purging doors of vulnerabilities.
breathing in euphoria
Awakening a passion just yearning to be seen,
Untamed like a tree,
Branching out to give
A chance to find
A world of possibilities.
If I was named Annie.