Fly Fishing

By Carson Cowburn

To experience fly fishing
The water rushing all around
The wilderness showing true beauty
Perspiration beading on your brow

The cool water flowing freely,
In and out between the rocks
The river curving, bending, never straight

To experience fly fishing
Knowing the prey is there,
Takes you to this wonderful river,
The current pulling your line towards the bank
The sound of water hitting the fallen tree
The feel of the rod in your hands

You feel the fish hitting your fly
The adrenaline rushing through your veins
The fish eats the fly, the rod bends low
This is what you’ve been waiting for all day
The fight is on,
Man versus fish,
On the fish’s home turf

You’re pulling the rod up,
The rod escaping from your grasp,
Like a prisoner escaping from a prison
Exhausted you reel in the prize
You grab it,
Take a look,
Astounded you realize it is a record fish

To experience fly fishing
You release the fish so people can experience what
you just did
The sensation of your hand feeling the cool water
when you release the fish
You realize this is what you came here for
To relax and get away from it all
To immerse yourself in the natural world
It’s then you realize you are just a small part of
something wonderful
A community of people just like you,
Having fun
To experience that moment
To experience fly fishing