Natasha Deen

Natasha Deen loves stories – exciting ones, scary ones, and especially funny ones! Her most recent books include Lark and the Diamond Caper which was selected as a 49th Shelf Great Reads for Grades 1-4, Gatekeeper which was an Alberta Reader’s Choice Nominee and Moonbeam Award selection, and Game’s End, the third book in a series. When she’s not working on her books or visiting schools and libraries, she spends a lot of time trying to convince her pets that she’s the boss of the house!

Game’s End

Yellow Dog

Maggie Johnson is dealing with too much – the rising distrust and hate of the townspeople, her growing (and unpredictable) supernatural powers, and the dead, waiting to be transitioned from this side to the next. Right now, they’re her saving grace. But when a soul-eater steals the ghost she’s transitioning, things don’t just take a turn for the worse, they take a turn for the personal. Read more.