Gillian Chan

Gillian Chan was born in England. Her father was in the Royal Air Force, so her family moved every two years throughout England and Europe. She became a good observer, an essential skill for a writer. She moved to Canada in 1990, settling in Dundas, Ontario, where she still lives. Gillian was nominated for the 1996 Governor General’s Award for her second book, Glory Days. She is the author of several books, written in both historical and contemporary settings. In her historical novels, she has written about pioneer life, the War of 1812, Chinese-Canadian history, and World War Two. Her latest book, The Disappearance, is a mystery with a supernatural twist set in Hamilton.

Photo Credit: Ian Crysler

The Disappearance

Annick Press

Jacob Mueller seems to be from a different world. After mystifying experts and doctors, who finally decide that he is an elective mute, Jacob has ended up in a juvenile group home where he exists—the butt of teasing by the other kids—isolated and an enigma, until Mike McCallum arrives. Read more.