Susan Swan

Susan Swan has published eight books of fiction, including her new novel, The Dead Celebrities Club, described in the Globe and Mail as “a tale of greed, hubris and fraud…a financial fable worthy of the age.”  Swan’s 2012 novel, The Western Light, was a prequel to The Wives of Bath, her international bestseller made into the feature film Lost and Delirious. Her 2004 novel What Casanova Told Me was a finalist for the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize. Her first novel, The Biggest Modern Woman of the World, about a Canadian giantess who exhibited with P.T. Barnum is currently being made into a television series. Her other fiction includes the novel The Last of the Golden Girls and the short story collection Stupid Boys are Good to Relax With. Swan is a resident of Toronto and former Robarts Scholar for Canadian Studies at York University.

On Festival Sunday Susan Swan will be part of our “Rogues and Rebels” set at The Cottage from 4:30-5:30.

The Dead Celebrities Club

A timely novel about the hedge fund whale, Dale Paul, a witty, self-absorbed rogue and raconteur.

​Charm and boarding school connections to billionaire media personality Earl Lindquist aren’t sufficient for Dale Paul to avoid being sent to an upstate New York white collar jail on multiple counts of fraud for gambling away US military pensions.

Promising himself to earn back his son’s previously gambled inheritance, Dale Paul dreams up an illegal lottery for his fellow inmates based on the death of old and frail celebrities….

Disgraced and for once in his life, penniless, Dale Paul’s relationships with his family deteriorate while he works on his scheme to make himself rich again.

Win or lose, Dale Paul goes through a sea change that may (or may not) make a new man of him. But will the enterprising gambler get caught in his own con?

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