Linda Kenyon

Linda Kenyon lives year-round with her husband Chris Hatton on one boat or another—either their 43-foot steel sailboat, often in the Bahamas, or the boat they built in a meadow on their farm south of Owen Sound. Stories about their sailing adventures appear regularly in magazines, and Linda’s account of their first ocean passage, Sea Over Bow: A North Atlantic Crossing, is now available at local bookstores and through Chapters/Indigo and Amazon. Before retiring to sail and write full-time, Linda was a communications professional at the University of Waterloo. Follow her blog at

On Festival Sunday Linda Kenyon will be part of our “Vocamus Writers’ Community” set at The Common from 3:15-4:15.

Sea Over Bow: A North Atlantic Crossing 

After her marriage of 25 years ended, Linda Kenyon was determined never to put herself in the way of a broken heart again. But then she met an extraordinary man, and in an act of great courage—or foolishness—decided to sell everything she owned and sail across the ocean with him. 

Sea Over Bow: A North Atlantic Crossing is the account of that journey. It takes readers to the middle of the ocean, a wild place most people have only imagined. It describes the trail of sparkling blue-green light that traces their path across the water at night; curious dolphins who frolic around the boat; the rising sun that shines through the yellow and green stripes of the spinnaker and bathes the cockpit in soft warm light; throwing up in a pail; eating Dinty Moore stew straight from the can when it’s too rough to go below and cook; getting clobbered by a proper North Atlantic gale. 

As she faces the challenges of the North Atlantic, Linda also finds the time to reflect, and dream, and make sense of life. Sea Over Bow is an adventure story, but it is also about finding the courage to start again. Ultimately, Sea Over Bow is a love story, one with a happy ending.