Rob Laidlaw

Rob Laidlaw is a Chartered Biologist, award-winning author of 9 children’s books and the founder and Executive Director of the international wildlife protection charity Zoocheck. His work over the years has taken him from Canada’s north to tropical Asia and involved almost every kind of advocacy initiative from lobbying governments to rescuing and relocating animals. He is regularly consulted by media across the country and has spoken to tens of thousands of people of all ages throughout Canada and overseas. In 2014, Rob received the Frederic A. McGrand Award for substantial contribution to animal welfare in Canada. When not working to protect animals, Rob likes to get outdoors on long distance solo bicycle trips and other kinds of adventures around the world.

Elephant Journey

Pajama Press – In 2013, people across North America were riveted by the story of Toka, Thika, and Iringa, the last three elephants at the zoo in Toronto, Ontario. Lonely for a larger herd, sick from the cold climate, and weak from standing for long days in a too-small concrete enclosure, the elephants desperately needed a change. More…