Monia Mazigh

Monia Mazigh was born and raised in Tunisia and immigrated to Canada in 1991. She was catapulted onto the public stage in 2002 when her husband, Maher Arar, was deported to Syria where he was tortured and held without  charge. She campaigned tirelessly for his release.

Monia holds a Ph.D. in Finance from McGill University.  She is the National Coordinator of the International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group. She has published a memoir, Hope and Despair, and her novel Mirrors and Mirages was a finalist for the Trillium Book Award. Monia’s most recent novel, Hope Has Two Daughters (a translation from the original French – Du Pain et Du Jasmin) was released earlier this year by House of Anansi.

Hope Has Two Daughters

Weaving together the voices of two women at two pivotal moments in history, the Tunisian Bread Riots in 1984 and the Jasmine Revolution in 2010, Hope Has Two Daughters (House of Anansi) is a bracing, vivid story that perfectly captures life inside revolution. Learn more about Monia and Hope Has Two Daughters here.