Eva Crocker

Eva Crocker’s stories have been published in Riddle FenceThe Overcast, and the Telegram’s Cuffer Anthology. She won the Cuffer Prize for short fiction in 2013.  Barrelling Forward was shortlisted for the 2015 NLCU Fresh Fish Award for Emerging Writers, and Eva was one of three finalists for the 2017 Dayne Ogilvie Prize. She recently completed a master’s degree in English Literature at Memorial University and received the University Medal for Excellence in Graduate Studies. Eva is the daughter of writer Lisa Moore and Memorial Univ. of Nfld. academic Stephen Crocker, and currently lives in Newfoundland.

Barrelling Forward

Barrelling Forward (Anansi Press) is a collection of short stories that ache with longing even as they pulse with new possibilities, Crocker gives us an unforgettable array of ordinary people, sometimes soaring, sometimes sinking, but always, ultimately, barrelling forward towards what’s next. Vivid, sexy, funny, and raw, this is a marvel of a debut from one of Canada’s most thrilling new writers. As Trevor Corkum says in his review of Barrelling Forward, “this is a remarkably assured debut, a fine and enthralling collection that will excite and seduce readers, millennial or otherwise, while propelling Eva Crocker into the top tier of talented CanLit up and comers. Get ready to hear more about her work.”