Amy Stuart

Amy Stuart was born in Toronto and completed her MFA in Creative Writing through the University of British Columbia. Her 2016 debut novel Still Mine was an instant national bestseller. Nominated for the Arthur Ellis Best First Novel award, and winner of the 2011 Writers’ Union of Canada Short Fiction Competition, Amy’s writing has previously appeared in newspapers and magazines across Canada. Amy lives in Toronto with her husband and her three sons, and she teaches English at an alternative high school. Still Water was released in May 2018 and is the sequel to Still Mine.

Still Water

Simon & Schuster

Still Water is a new thriller featuring Clare and Malcolm, on the hunt for Sally Proulx and her young son who disappeared in High River, a town that is drowning in deception. In a town where secrets are crucial to survival, everyone is hiding something. As the truth surges through High River, Clare must face the very thing she has so desperately been running from, even if it comes at a devastating cost.