Julie Demers

As a Université de Montréal film studies graduate, Julie Demers has led workshops across Canada on Quebec cinema. Her writing has appeared in many culture magazines including Séquences, Spirale, and Le Devoir. Her first novel, Barbe (Heliotrope Publishing, 2015), was nominated for the Prix CALQ, the Chambéry First Novel Festival in France, and the Grand Prix Littéraire de Cèdres. Barbe was translated into English by Rhonda Mullins under the title Little Beast in 2018. Julie will be reading in both French and English at EMWF 2018.

Photo Credit: Brigitte Soucy Ferret

Little Beast

Coach House

Little Beast is set in 1944 in a little village in rural Quebec, where an eleven-year-old girl lives with her parents. Her mother is very sad, and her father has vanished because he can’t bear to look at his own daughter, who has suddenly sprouted a full beard. And so her mother has shut the curtains and locked the girl inside to keep her safe from the townspeople, the Boots, who think there is something wrong with a bearded little girl. And when they come for her, she escapes into the wintry night.