Dave Bidini

Author and musician Dave Bidini is the only person to have been nominated for a Gemini Award for his television work, a Genie Award for his film work, and a Juno Award for his music, as well as CBC’s Canada Reads. He is the founding member of the rock band Rheostatics and has written twelve books, including On a Cold Road, Tropic of Hockey, Around the World in 57 1/2 Gigs, Home and Away and Writing Gordon Lightfoot. He has made two Gemini Award–nominated documentaries, and his play, The Five Hole Stories, was staged by One Yellow Rabbit Performance Company, touring the country in 2008. He is the creator and editor-in-chief of West End Phoenix, a monthly community newspaper for Toronto’s West End. His latest book, Midnight Light: A Personal Journey to the North, will be released on September 18, 2018, with a special advanced launch of the book at EMWF 2018!

Midnight Light

McClelland & Stewart

Midnight Light: A Personal Journey to the North chronicles Dave Bidini’s time as a guest columnist for the small, independent newspaper, the Yellowknifer in the Northwest Territories. He introduces readers to an extraordinary cast of characters, including Dene elders and entrepreneurs adapting to a changing way of life, various artists who are giving the region a powerful voice to the rest of the world, politicians and law enforcement officers who are dealing with the community’s difficult history and economic realities, and an assortment of complicated souls from the South who have travelled North as a “last chance” to build lives for themselves. In Midnight Light, Dave Bidini brings Yellowknife, the Northwest Territories and its remarkable and proud people to brilliant life.