Dr. Brian Goldman

Dr. Brian Goldman is a veteran ER physician, and for more than thirty years has been an active participant and keen observer of the culture of modern medicine. Since 2007, he has hosted White Coat, Black Art, a multi-award-winning show on CBC Radio that reveals what goes on behind a hospital’s sliding doors. Brian is the author of the bestselling The Night Shift and The Secret Language of Doctors, and his most recent book, The Power of Kindness, was published in April 2018. He lives in Toronto with his family.


The Power of Kindness


After a long, successful career as an ER physician, Dr. Goldman began to question if he was the same caring doctor that he thought he was at the beginning of his career. In The Power of Kindness, Dr. Goldman leaves the comfortable, familiar surroundings of the hospital in search of his own lost compassion. He searches within himself and around the world to find the most empathic people alive, to investigate why kindness is so vital to our existence.