Among the Fields of Bloom

by Anisa Ali

She went there Skedaddling
With her flaming hair and hazel eyes, skipping so merrily 
Her river of joy bubbled and spilled 
Her bare feet slapped the pavement 
And padded across the velvety grass
She was a cat one second 
Fierce eyes gleaming 
Back arched, creeping forward 
A deer the next, Long legged and graceful 
Among the ferns and trees 
And the greens fresh with youth 

Birds with merry tunes 
The vast blue up ahead 
With flowers in her hair and eyes like stars
She pranced, and danced and twirled
A strange creature was she! 
With wild flames upon her head 
She wandered like an angel
Through ink-black nights

A moss green dress
Over young, delicate feet 
That flew across acres of land 
Her home was a heaven of twigs, and leaves and life!
Those wizened trees smiled down upon 
Those big star eyes, with fiery love

But as time passed 
Frost took its breath, and held silent 
Springs passed
Suns and moons rose and fell 
And the leaves shone gold
And when Dawn came 
 the skies reached down for her
And she was hushed, remains of the memory 
Like a ghost,
of being
Among the fields of bloom