2019 Contest Winners

Congratulations to our winners!
Thank you to all who entered, and to our judges who generously donate their time and expertise.
For information about our 2020 contests please visit out website in the new year.

Read at The Fringe Winners

An awards presentation and readings will be held at The Cottage from 3:15-4:15 on Festival Sunday (Sunday September 8, 2019).

Anushka Ataullahjan – “The Opposite of Silence”
Dave Gregory – “Joran’s Song”
Liz Koblyk – “A Place for Children”
Mark A. McCutcheon – “Cash Paradise”
Alison Stevenson – “Sleeping Giant”
Linda Walsh – “At Half Light”

Literary Contest Winners

An awards presentation will be held at Rivermead at 4:30 on Festival Sunday (Sunday September 8, 2019).

Poetry: Katarina Vuckovic – “Landing”
Short Story: Dean Gessie – “Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump”
Creative Non-Fiction: Laura Murray – “Fledermaus”

Poetry Shortlist: Josie Di Sciascio-Andrews, F.J. Doucet, Emily Matin, Mori McCrae, Christina Mills, Jane Pepper, Sheilah Madonna M. Salvador, Vicki Schofield, Leanne Toshiko Simpson and Susan Wismer
Short Story Shortlist: Phil Andrews, Fran Black, Melinda Burns, Barbara Fullerton, Jesse Garth, V.J. Hamilton, Renee Lehnen, Valerie McDonald, Owen Schalk, Shae-Lynn Veldhuis and Linda Walsh.
Creative Non-Fiction Shortlist: Rachael Clarke, Sharon Frayne, Jill Martin and Nancy O’Rourke


Poetry Contest for Children

An awards presentation will be held at Jenny’s Place at 3:00 on Festival Sunday (Sunday September 8, 2019).

Primary (Grades 1-3)

Emmie Rawle – “The Littlest”

Freyja Heigh-Roper – “Bullies”
Maia Embuldeniya-Fernando – “Scarecrows and Giraffes”
Amelia Ting – “The Airport”

Junior (Grades 4-6)

Tasman Webb-Apgar – Chainlink Fence

Leyla Erenben – “The Old Pinewood Table”
Cameron MacIsaac – “Freedom”
Luci Trento –“Brain Boggling Blankness”

Intermediate (Grades 7-8)

Anisa Ali – “Among the Fields of Bloom”

Naomi Marko – “I am a Pencil”
Jessica Young – “Dandelion”
Mirren Litchfield – “The Wonders of Snow”
Olivia Gyuran – “The Siren”

Poetry Contest for Teens

An awards presentation will be held at The Common at 2:45 on Festival Sunday (Sunday September 8, 2019).

Junior (Grades 9-10)

Jessika Nahanzon – “infatuation” 

Calla Mueller – “Should There Ever Come A Day”
Ruth Ann Bos – “Ivy”
Aluki Chupik-Hall – “Forget”
Jonah Doupe – “Trapped in the Darkness”

Senior (Grades 11-12)

Meghan Butcher – “Cantabile”

Keila Martinez – Untitled
Susan Gao – “Conformity”
Fatemah Datoo – “Middle Child”
Esther Cho –