Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Eden Mills?

Eden Mills is a hamlet 12 km east of Guelph, Ontario, and 80 km west of Toronto. We offer a map and more specific directions here.

Is there parking?

Yes, there’s lots of free parking on Festival Sunday near the gates on Barden St and York St. Follow the signs as you approach the village. There is a shuttle bus from the west parking lot (Wellington County Rd. 29 & Barden St.) to the Barden St. gate.

For events held at the University of Guelph, there is free parking in lots P10/P11/P12.

Is the Festival wheelchair accessible?

Yes. There is parking in the centre of the village for cars displaying the wheelchair logo. All of the reading sites have a reserved section that is wheelchair accessible, shaded, with flat ground. There are also wheelchair accessible outdoor portable toilets on-site.

What should I bring with me?

Bring a folding lawn chair, blanket or waterproof ground cover, a hat, an umbrella (just in case!), a reuseable water bottle and an inquisitive mind.

When will the reading schedule be announced?

The reading schedule is posted in August on our Sunday Reading Schedule page.

Where does the Festival take place?

Readings on Sunday, September 9 take place at outdoor venues in the centre of Eden Mills. The Saturday, September 8 events are held in Guelph. Guelph locations will be posted in late spring.

Do I need to buy tickets to attend Festival events?

We recommend that you buy tickets ahead of time since they often sell out. Advanced tickets are available at The Bookshelf in Guelph or online here. Tickets are also available at the gate.

Can I buy books?

Yes, indeed. The Bookshelf has a booth on Publishers’ Way from which they sell the work of our guest authors. Small publishing houses, booksellers, magazine publishers and non-profit groups also showcase their wares along Publishers’ Way.

Is there an ATM?

There is no ATM. Unreliable Internet and cell phone reception in our little village limit our ability to offer electronic payment options. Please bring cash. The Bookshelf does accept credit cards using a manual credit card swipe machine.

Is water available?

Yes, and it’s free. Bring your own container, please.

Is food available?

Yes, there’s a food court where vendors sell a variety of scrumptious food. You can sit at the food court’s picnic tables to eat or you can take your lunch with you to the sites to hear the authors. Please help us minimize our footprint by putting all recyclables in the appropriate bins.

Can I volunteer?

Yes, of course! We would welcome your help. Each year, the Festival recruits a team of approximately 100 wonderful volunteers. For more information on becoming a volunteer, please visit the Volunteer page.

Can I present my work at the Festival?

The Festival is a curated event that brings in writers by invitation only. We receive hundreds of unsolicited submissions from authors wishing to read at the festival and hundreds of recommendations from enthusiasts. Though we are grateful for this interest in our festival, and though we do take the time to consider unsolicited proposals, we are often unable to respond to every submission or recommendation or to return material submitted.

Can I recommend an author for the Festival?

Yes, you may recommend a favourite author or present an idea for an event, as many people and organizations do every year. We will not be able to respond to every request or pitch, however, so please do not interpret our silence as negligence. A committee of readers will consider your recommendation.

Can I bring my work to the Festival to show the publishers on Publishers’ Way?

Many publishers attend Sunday’s event, participate in the festival and sell their works along Publishers’ Way, but most are not prepared to receive manuscripts on this day. We suggest that you approach a publisher through the usual channels, finding out first what their submission requirements are.

How do I get my work published?

There’s lots of great advice out there regarding the Canadian publishing market. The Canadian Authors Association offers lots of good advice, as does the Association of Canadian Publishers.

Can you put me in touch with an author on the program?

Authors sign their books after the set in which they read (at tables set up along Publishers’ Way), so you can certainly approach them then. To protect their privacy, we do not give out their contact details to anyone, and we cannot pass on messages. The best ways to contact our guests are through their websites, publishers or agents.